An Honest Review of The QUICKCHECK Lending App

Due to the harsh economic situation in the country (Nigeria), many people have needs for loans that will help them get by till the next payday or till their hustle earn them another pay. Also getting loans from banks and mainstream financial institutions is not an easy meal in Nigeria, a situation that has made people to resort to nano loan platforms like Carbon (One Finance), LCredit, OKash, Branch and many others.

I have had my borrowing experiences with some of these nano platforms and will be sharing them for the learning of the general public in subsequent posts. but today I will focus on one of them, QuickCheck. So keep reading so you get to know as much as you can.


QuickCheck appears to have been around for some years now. I noticed that their first blog post is date July 12, 2018. Going by that date, they should be close to 4 years in this business of online micro-lending. According to CEO Fabiano Di Tomaso, “The QuickCheck app was specifically designed to solve the difficulties Nigerians face in seeking access to credit. I believe that the increasing importance of financial inclusion as a catalyst for economic growth and development cannot be overemphasized”. They therefore ensures that borrowers receive their loan within 24 hours of loan validation.

How Much Can You Get When You Join?

When I registered on the platform, I observed that you can apply for as much as N13,000. This is actually not the case with other online micro-lending organizations. Most of them will start a new user with between N3,000 to N4,000, but QuickCheck starts you with as much as N13,000. That is more than two times what you can get from others as a newbie.

You Are Paid For Referrals

QuickCheck claims they pay if you join and refer someone to join, you get N500 when your referral borrows and pays up his loan on time. So if you are good at marketing, then this provides you an avenue to make some cool cash. Imagine if you can refer as much as 50 people who uses the services on the platform.

How To Register

The platform has a website but clearly stated on the site that registration and application for loan can only be done via their android app available on Google Play Store. No document such as ID card, guarantee letter etc. is needed.

  1. Once the app is downloaded from Play Store, you can on to create an account.
  2. Your email will be verified.
  3. Then you have to register your bank account number and debit (ATM) card.

Once these are done, you are good to start borrowing.

Why Will A Loan Application Be Rejected?

Loan application can be rejected due to a number of reasons such as:

User do not have enough available data for proper evaluation.
User owes another lending platform.
User’s loan request exceeds 30 percent of his / her monthly income.
User has bad loan history.
If the system discovers any form of data falsification.
User does not meet our lending criteria.

How Much Can You Apply For?

As a first time user, you can access up to 10,000 Naira for a period of 30 days. Early repayment guarantees higher amounts and lower interest rates.

My Experience

Like i said when i started this post, I will share my experience with this app and that’s what I am going to do now. I got to know about the app a few days ago and decide to try it so I can do an honest review of it. I successfully downloaded the app, created an account on it, fill all the forms, verified my email and registered my bank account. Then I got a message that i could get as much as N13,000 loan with an interest of less than N3000 payable within 30 days. But when I concluded the loan application, I got a message that my loan is not approved.

I discovered that my ATM card was not added and tried to add it only to discover that there is not provision made in the app for that once it fails to add the first time. Furthermore I discovered I cannot edit my account number. So in a situation that i want to change the account number I registered on the app with, That won’t be possible. i also discovered that I cannot edit the information on my profile except my marital status.

All these not withstanding, I believe that it might work for someone else. may it wasn’t my lucky platform.

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I hope you find this review very helpful? Our target is to continue to avail you of invaluable information to help you earn or save money, shop cheaply and take better decisions online.

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